health and safety management system

health and safety management system

Safe-T- Cert

Safe-T-Cert is a third-party accredited health and safety management system which is recognised throughout Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. Safe-T-Cert is a construction specific certification.

Certification with Safe-T-Cert demonstrates to clients, main contractors, sub-contractors and competitors that you manage your health and safety in a professional manner. It also proves to your employees that you value their health and safety.

How can Tucil help?

Tucil has extensive experience in the implementation of the Safe-T-Cert. If you require our Safe-T-Cert services, please contact Tucil at our contact form or phone number.

The Safe-T-Cert package includes :

  • Workplace visit, assessment of the work environment and ongoing processes
  • A gap analysis of your company’s safety management system in line with the requirements of the Safe-T-Cert
  • Implementation of Safe-T-Cert requirements
  • Presentation of safety management system

Prices will vary depending on the size of the company. Please note this fee does NOT include the associated certification fee charged by Safety-T-Cert.

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