Establish legal compliance and health and safety performance

levels in the workplace

levels in the workplace

Health and Safety Inspections

A health and safety Inspection is a useful tool for establishing legal compliance and health and safety performance levels in the workplace.

Tucil will visit your workplace(s)/site (s) and conduct an inspection not just of the physical conditions and activities underway, but will also carefully examine your documentation and records to establish the degree of compliance with relevant regulations.

Our health and safety experts have extensive experience across multiple business sectors including manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, medical device, service industries and schools.

On completion of the workplace/site inspection, Tucil will draft a detailed report highlighting strengths within your system as well as areas requiring improvement. We will guide you through the improvement process when addressing any issues highlighted during the safety inspection thereby minimising the amount of time and effort required in achieving compliance and reducing risk.

Please contact us via the contact form or contact phone number for our workplace/site inspection package.

The health and safety inspection package includes:

  • Workplace inspection
  • Review of documentation and associated mandatory training records
  • Drafting of inspection
  • Present findings and action plan

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