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customised health and safety programs

customised health and safety programs

The Covid 19 pandemic was a challenging time for the health and safety industry. It was during this time that the idea of Tucil Consulting came to light.

With a small team and a vision of a personalised approach, Martina setup Tucil Consulting in July 2022 having always had an ambition to run her own business. Martina, a native of Sligo, attended Atlantic Technological University as a mature student and studied a BSc in Occupational Safety and Health.

From her experience in the manufacturing and construction fields, Martina brings not only a wealth of environmental, safety and health (EHS) knowledge to the role but also unlimited enthusiasm. Her goal is to implement customised health and safety programs, promoting a collaborative culture in the workplace.

Tucil Consulting is committed to providing every client with a first-class service and Martina is keen to ensure this consultancy is up-to-date with the latest legislative requirements. The team at Tucil attend conferences, training and webinars as continuous professional development (CPD) is a key element to ensuring Tucil are one step ahead of upcoming changes in the industry.

Martina Lenehan

Martina has an impressive career as an environmental, health and safety engineer and integrated management systems (IMS) manager.
She completed a Level 7 BSc in Occupational Safety and Health and achieved a First Class Honours (H1) in Level 8 BSc (Hons) in Occupational Safety and Health at Atlantic Technological University. She was twice awarded the Governing Body Medal at graduation. This award is presented to the student who achieves the highest-Grade Point Average (GPA) in their award year.

With work experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and drink, construction and utilities industries, Martina led ISO audits on a regular basis. She engages in deriving safe operational practices and ensuring compliance with current relevant legislation. She has worked on multiple high valued projects undertaking various safety inspections and acted as the Project Supervisor for the Design Stage (PSDP), co-ordinating safety and health with design teams.

Martina has experience in developing and providing site specific training and played an integral part in developing an online training programme for the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). Her communication, time management and excellent people skills were instrumental in coordinating the work between IT Sligo and the HSA. Her strong work ethic, broad knowledge of occupational safety and health and excellent IT skills were invaluable to the project.

During her time as an EHS Engineer and IMS Manager, Martina developed and implemented a variety of management systems (ISO 45001, 14001, 9001) and advised and communicated health and safety to onsite operatives, clients and senior management teams.

She has been involved in a variety of national tender submissions. Her work ensures that interested parties continue to meet their legal and management standard requirements, whilst developing and maintaining a positive EHS culture.

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