From ISO Implementation to Safety Documentation

customised health and safety programs

customised health and safety programs

With a personalised approach and a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors, Martina founded Tucil Consulting in July 2022, driven by her ambition to run her own business. Our consultancy, led by Martina, specialises in implementing customised health and safety programs, fostering a collaborative culture in the workplace.

At Tucil Consulting, we are committed to delivering first-class service to every client. Martina’s unwavering enthusiasm and extensive EHS knowledge enables us to stay ahead of the curve. Our team actively participates in conferences, training, and webinars to maintain continuous professional development (CPD), ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry regulations.

Choose Tucil Consulting for personalised, up-to-date expertise in health and safety solutions that prioritize your organisation’s success.

Martina Lenehan

Martina is an accomplished environmental, health, and safety engineer with experience in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beverages, construction, and utilities. Her achievements include leading ISO audits, winning national tender submissions, managing large national projects, and contributing to the development of an online training program for the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). Martina’s expertise and accomplishments demonstrate her ability to ensure compliance, promote safety, and drive successful outcomes in her field.

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